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The Agile Financial Planner

Dec 23, 2019

The agile financial planning method creates a fluid, ever-changing environment so I need organizational systems in place that can adapt to constant change. People wonder how I manage to get it all done. I have 2 podcasts, my financial practice, client meetings, the Rock Retirement Club, plus, I’m writing a book. Many people think that there is no way that they could ever have time to balance all of these things. But even though I do have a lot of balls in the air, the organizational systems I have in place ensure that I get it all done. Find out how I manage it all on this episode of The Agile Financial Planner. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:02] How I get it all done
  • [10:11] We have rules of engagement to get everything done
  • [17:51] Why this works for me

Do your organizational systems ensure that you are spending time or passing time?

On the previous episode, we talked about time. We’re either spending time or passing time. I feel that if you aren’t intentional about how you spend your time it will simply pass you by. The organizational systems I have in place help me ensure that I am not just passing time, but spending it intentionally. 

It has taken me years to develop the systems that I have right now. But when implemented properly, my days and weeks flow smoothly. I love technology, but I don’t live in it. I use a combination of digital and analog systems that help keep me on track.

My digital life

I actually spent years searching for the perfect project management tool that would meld the different areas of my life together. I was looking for that unicorn, a place where I could seamlessly integrate everything, but I finally came to terms with the fact that that ideal system simply doesn’t exist for me. So now I embrace the separateness.

My project management systems are purely digital. I actually use 3 different project management suites. This may seem excessive to you, but I see these different locales as being suited for the separate areas of my life. Listen in to find out why having 3 different project management suites actually helps keep me more organized. 

My analog life

In addition to the 3 online project management tools, I use 3 separate notebooks to help me plan my life. Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner helps me plan my days and weeks. I also have a client notebook which is highly organized where I keep an analog record of my client meetings. Without this tool, I wouldn’t have a clue what was said in each meeting. The notebook I use helps me prepare for meetings and remember where I am in the organizational process. Listen in to hear how I keep the details straight and set the agenda for my client meetings. 

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

All of these separate organizational systems may seem cumbersome to you in this ever-increasingly digital world. But the fact that my processes slow me down makes me more effective. I use my organizational systems to keep me in check and ensure that I am serving my clients in the best way that I can. When I slow down things run more smoothly and I feel more in control of my life. What do you use to help keep you organized? How do you run your life?

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