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The Agile Financial Planner

Sep 16, 2019

Your financial planning business has all kinds of potential - but if you do things the way they’ve always been done, you’ll see very little of it come into being. Why? Because the world has changed, my friend. The tried and true tactics for building a successful practice are no longer true. The advent of digital has changed everything.

So on this episode, I’m going to tell you why it’s important that you find the right kind of influences to put into that head of yours - and I’m also going to tell you who has influenced me the most. Finally, I have a list of resources to pass your way. So don’t miss it.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:55] My experience at FinCon - and conferences in general
  • [3:09] What resources do you want to let into your head?
  • [4:24] Questions needed - your stories needed - your resources needed (for an audit)
  • [7:10] Influencers who have had a huge impact on me
  • [11:22] My list of recommended resources

I don’t care for the term “influencer” - but these people have influenced me nonetheless

Some of the most important things that have happened with my financial planning business have happened because I’ve listened to people who think outside the financial planning box. In fact, some of the people I’ve allowed into my brain space are not even within the orbit of the financial planning industry. But their thought processes, approach to business, and way of approaching the world have opened me up to possibilities that have served my practice very well. Listen to hear who has influenced me the most - why - and why I think you’d do well to pay attention to what they have to say, too.

Can your financial planning business survive in the digital age?

I’ve spoken about this at length on a previous episode of the podcast, but things have changed and we planners have to adapt if we are going to keep up. But most of us have a hard time knowing exactly WHAT needs to change about the way we do business - and if we do know what needs to change, we struggle to know HOW to change it. Am I right?

Your practice can not only survive the digital age we are in, it can thrive - which means YOU can thrive as a financial planner. A large part of how that happens is for you to get outside your comfort zone and outside of the industry to meet the people who can help you thrive. This episode is about that. So listen up!

You need to address these three areas to start moving your planning practice in the right direction

As I wrap up this episode I’ve got a list of resources for you. You can see them here in the show notes but some of them won’t make sense without a little bit of explanation. That’s what you’ll hear - the WHY behind the resources I’m recommending. I’ve broken them down into three categories: Mindset, Business, and Marketing. You’ve got to address all three of those, beginning with your mindset if you’re going to thrive in today’s world. I hope you find as much benefit from my recommendations as I have. If you do, you’re going to find ways to make your practice come alive.

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